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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting

The following are what we would consider to be guidelines and rules to be followed and upheld by all members of Conclave. All members are responsible for upholding these.

General Guidelines

  • Guild Chat is OOC
  • An IC channel can be found by joining HearthstoneIC. This operates under the assumption that your Hearthstone works like a two way radio allowing your character to interact across great distances with other characters.
  • Respect your fellow guildmates; remember we are all more than the pixels on the screen but people.
  • Do not allow IC actions to upset you OOC.
  • Offer help to members if you are able to.
  • Do not beg for things.
  • Support roleplay on the server when you can.

Roleplay Guidelines

Remember, Cenarion Circle is a role-play realm, and with this comes several rules and conventions that will help make the realm a better place. Please make sure that you are aware of the official Role-playing realm policies, including naming conventions, that have been put in place by Blizzard. In addition, here are some other guidelines to keep in mind as you are creating your character and enjoying Azeroth.

  • Be open minded
  • Mind the Lore behind the game (Don't show up with the half son of Kael'thas and Sylvanas)
  • Don't meta-game and/or God Mode, we all have to be able to lose sometime (not all the time, but sometime)
  • Do not allow IC actions to upset you OOC, sometimes our characters do things that we, the players may not agree with.

  • Remember it's just a game

You may also want to read up on WoWpedia's guide to Roleplaying