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09.10: Research

by Caileanmor on Oct 09, 2016 at 08:44 PM}
Ninth of October
::Work Log::

It has been nearly a week ...six days now? My advancement to High Priest within the Conclave of Netherlight. I have spent each day since engaged in one matter or another. My duties, responsibilities, and therefore workload have increased drastically. Not only must I tend to my duties as a Curator of Conclave's archives, artifacts, and antiquities but I also have duties as a High Priest of the Netherlight Conclave.

Duties as a High Priest vary greatly, thankfully. Each High Priest has their own set of strengths, desires, interests; skill sets differ. There is no shortage of tasks that need handling. My own set of skills have increased over the past year alone yet I still feel most comfortable at my research. I work jointly with Lamae primarily, but also other High Priests, recovering relics and artifacts from the Broken Isle, cataloging these finds, recording events, histories, and any relevant discoveries along the way. Not unlike the work I already perform for Conclave as a Curator. Many long days and nights spent behind my desk, buried deep in notes, scrolls, and ledgers; but I am not left without some outlet for adventure.

Anecdotal Evidence:
Lamae conducts quite a bit of field work as a High Priest. Given our friendly relationship being that she is my former mentor in the Light I've taken many opportunities this past week to accompany her in the field. No shortage of excitement.

Just the other day I accompanied Lamae into Azsuna to further document the existence of the Blue Dragonflight presence. Our objective became two fold as we learned that many of their whelps had been drawn away from the safety of their hold at Azurewing Repose and were in danger of falling easy prey to the Withered, who also have a strong presence in the area. We took the task upon ourselves to do whatever we could to ensure the safe return of as many Whelplings as possible.

It wasn't easy. The Withered, alone, posed no great threat to us. In groups of however dealing with them became complicated. Danger increased exponentially with each Withered drawn to us, and so we had to take care and choose our path (and battles) wisely. Our work lasted us the better part of two hours, but we were able to lend aid. All of the Whelplings were recovered though not all of them were in good condition. As a Doctor I did what I could, and was later reassured that they'd be carefully attended. Intrigued by the healing properties of their mana infused waters, Lamae and I tarried a while longer affording me more time to document this processes of healing. The dragons there also allowed me to take a few samples for cataloging and analysis testing.

I was further flattered when one such Whelpling appeared to take a liking to me. There was some discussion between a few of the elder administrative dragons that I wasn't privy and I was soon given permission to care for this Whelpling. Imagine my utter shock and surprise! I tried to decline. I've no idea how to care for a whelpling! Nevermind the fact that it just can't go everywhere I go. Not only for safety reasons, but can you imagine the chaos an unattended whelpling would cause in a library? Perish the thought! I just simply couldn't allow it, but they insisted. I must admit that there was a barrier in language and understanding that made it difficult.

In the end, I had no choice. And so now I am accompanied by a small whelpling of this newly discovered Blue Dragonflight. An honor, I suppose; but feels more like an unfathomable burden. I have more responsibility now than I know what to do with as now I have to tend to the needs of this creature. May as well be another child in my arms.

...and this is but one tale of the great many happenings that transpired this week alone. Faint to consider what this next week might hold.

Kalinagosa. The name of the Whelpling now in my charge.
Turns out the little dragon is a 'she'. I have no idea how to properly sex a dragon and so on a lark I thought I'd politely ask before beginning any examination. To my amazement the whelpling answered. Much also to my relief, now having an idea to her level of intelligence such an examination could have become very awkward.
Though considered an infant by any means (being only a couple years or so since her hatching) she is in fact highly intelligent. Not the slobbering, babbling, troll-baby, poop mill I was dreading. Though she is very childlike. Playful. Curious. Inquisitive. Inadvertently destructive at times (as evidenced by the burn marks on this page). I nevertheless am able to engage in intelligent conversation with her.
My fears of caring for and rearing an infant appear to be unfounded! Dragons appear to have a very accelerated growth rate as well. All of this and so much more data I've begun to keep within a registry of my observations of Kalinagosa. The little creature, while not without challenges, is nothing short of astounding.


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