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03.10: High Priest

by Caileanmor on Oct 03, 2016 at 04:52 AM}
It has happened. Finally, the day has arrived. Sooner than I'd imagined. Much too soon to be honest. I would have rather my advancement within the Netherlight Conclave come under different circumstances. Things being as they are, I fully understand.

My mentor is a brilliant and lovely Draenei woman by the name of Lamae Bal. Some months ago she took me under her wing after Ainsley... Banshee... brought me into the fold (so to speak). Banshee also taught me what it meant to be a Shadow Priest. A true Shadow Priest, after the fashion of Natalie Seline. For those two reasons alone I will always be in her debt, and will remember her fondly.

Not too long ago Netherlight Temple was invaded by the Burning Legion. More specifically by a particularly nasty Nathrezim (is there any other kind?) by the name of Balnazzar. At least, I think that was his name was. At any rate, it was a rough battle. He had us until an unlikely turn of events brought a powerful ally into our midst. Warriors of Light, I think they were called. Our salvation by any other name.

After our day was saved and matters were resolved, amidst the extensive cleanup and rebuild, that's when I found her. Ainsley Gravestone. Our Banshee. She'd put up a valiant effort but was overwhelmed. Soon I would learn that she was but one of far too many. Our day of victory was marked by somber remembrance. What I did not know at the time was that she had only just received news of her advancement to High Priest when the demons struck. It was an honor but also a testament to how far she had come back from the darkness, and turned her life back around. Some days later I learned all of this from my own mentor, Lamae.

In some surreal ironic gesture Lamae extended my own advancement to me. After the tragic loss of so many brothers and sisters of the Conclave there was a notable void. They needed competent priests to fill those ranks and Lamae could think of none other than me. She also thought it a fitting tribute that I receive the advancement in place of our dear friend, Ainsley. Graciously I accepted, though I know I am not yet prepared. Nonetheless, I will strive each day to be equal to that which I am entrusted.

I am now High Priest Cail Mahlr'D. One among a rather select and elite class of priest, I think. Lamae also presented me with a special gift. A staff that Ainsley would have received but was now to be bequeathed to me. An astonishing relic, an artifact of great worth, prestige, and power. They could not tell me much about it at first, but if nothing else I am a scholar. I owe it to Ainsley to discover all I am able about this priceless relic and wield it's power in her honor.

Now I have two rather extraordinary artifacts in my possession. A rather brilliant staff with the striking resemblance to a Naaru, and a viciously wicked dagger with a mind of its own. Life has taken so many strange turns I've stopped bothering to keep track.

Rest in Peace my dear Banshee. You are never forgotten.


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