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#12893509 Dec 02, 2016 at 03:21 AM · Edited 1 year ago
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Cail has a number of tasks he needs help completing. His logs are full. As a curator of Conclave's archives, and head of the Seeker's branch, Cail has an incredible amount of resources at his hands. What he doesn't have are capable people to either further the actual research or carry out the footwork.

I mean, sure, as department head he has a lot of resources at his command; among which is a sizable pool of acolytes and scholars. But lets be honest, most of these are students and academia. Hardly the stuff of adventurers. When they get their hands dirty its from dusty old tomes and ink stains.

Cail himself, old as he is, certainly isn't incapable; but he's only one person, and quite a little fellow at that.

The idea of these tasks is that they are short quest chains for guild members. I will act as a sort of quest hub and provide the framework in the style of quest dialog, forum posts, in-game connections, story hooks and so forth; but it is up to you (the guild member) to fill in the actual story. Write your own adventure how you like. Collaborate together or take it on solo. Take it in game or keep it entirely within a forum thread. The choice is entirely up to you dear guildie.

Each task may or may not be tied into the story of another one of my alts who will act as a guide, a supplement, or some kind of support at the whim of the guild member.

I think that pretty well covers my intentions, but I'm sure I've left something out. Any questions, concerns, comment can be added to this thread below.

Let me know what you think! If you're interested we can get started right away.
#12923922 Dec 15, 2016 at 08:08 PM
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I really love this idea. My vacation starts on Sunday and I'll try to catch up with you or post here to help you however I can.
#12944387 Dec 25, 2016 at 02:41 PM
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I'm currently working on the bones of a story arch that I'll be able to break apart into several smaller quests. I've been at it off and on for a while now, but with life and holidays progress has been slow.
#12990985 Jan 15, 2017 at 02:14 PM
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I'm making headway on that story of mine. It's far from complete, but I feel comfortable doling out bits and pieces at least, just to get started.

A bit about this story. It heavily involves my characters. However, this is not intended to be entirely about me and mine. I will certainly tell my character's tales, no doubt about it, but this story is completely 100% open to all guild members interested in getting involved.

How can you get involved? Great question! I'm happy you asked.

Ask me. Simple as that. Or tell me, if you're that sort of personality. It's all very relative to me, just that you let me know you're getting involved.

What's that you say? You want to get involved but don't know how you can hook into the story I'm unfolding? Well, I might just have the story hook you've been looking for! I'm not going to innumerate them here, mind you, but this is why you let me know you were interested in the first place. Now we can take a moment, find a comfy place to sit in-game (or in these forums) and talk it through.

Are you the type of person who likes to meticulously plan out their character's involvement and gauge exactly where this story will take them as far as character growth? That's Great! So am I. Let's talk about it and see what we can come up with.

Would you rather sit back and go with the flow? Fine by me. I have plenty of smaller, less story involved, tasks to be handled which could be just as meaningful to you in the grander scheme of things.

So know, dear guildie, that I haven't gone dormant. I'm still here, still working and writing behind the scenes. My in-game time is monoplized by enjoying Legion, but don't let that stop you from contacting me. Drop me a mail or whisper me any time. I'd like very much to work with you. ^.^

Until the next update, Happy Adventuring!
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